Here's what you get

Neil B Fotor

. Please note: I am now working only part time as I slow down to retirement so I don’t have       the capacity I once had. If I cannot take you on I will recommend others who can. But the following still applies :-

A reliable Instructor - I will always turn up

. An calm natured Instructor - I will never shout

.  I never talk on the phone - my focus will be 100% on you

. A flexible Instructor - I will change my method of teaching to suit you

.  I will help you with - your Theory (but it does require effort from you)

.  I will use - lots of visual aids - including my own Videos on my iPad

.  I will keep you driving - talking at the road side kept minimal & relevant

You'll get - Value for Money

Neil. 0797 034 6727. Email: